PICK UP YOUR COPY OF "ANTIQUE DAISIES AND A LATE SUMMER PARADE " - THE NEW ALBUM FROM ROGER JAMESON - AVAILABLE NOW THROUGH CD BABY! www.cdbaby.com About Antique Daisies And A Late Summer Parade: Some folks claim he was saved by a fork tongued man in a black top hat... But you tell me, son, have you ever seen a hero who looked like that? This world is filled with love and gold, buried in nursery rhymes of old... ...and so begins The Overture (give it a listen above!) from Antique Daisies And A Late Summer Parade - this strange and wonderful record written by Roger Jameson and produced by William Earl Moeller And what will you find when the Overture fades away and the curtain rises on Act I? ...here are tympanis and bells... accordions and rain .....here are lullabies and sea shanties and drunken prayers a-plenty..... HERE: a folk singer and a rock band and one lonesome microphone... carnivals, seagulls, crying tots and laughing villains; O, yes, there's plenty to go 'round.... LOOK! Here are six dead white flowers in a can, watered every day by a fork-tongued man - LISTEN: here are the marching bands and the broken banjos and the scratchy old records hidden 'neath the bed... ....here are the stories of a hundred-year-old man... ............here are the nursery rhymes of old... . . . . . . . . . . . here and here and here . . . . . . . . . la . . la . . la . . la . . la . . la . . . . . . . . . She's renting a room in the park where she can plant her daisies. . . . . O, how the little insects dance and sing; in the Perfect Garden they now own everything. And they hold their Summer Parade where ladybugs march and aphids dance a masquerade!